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230202_Luxgrove Office_JoineryPackage10.jpg


On Kings Road, we turned an empty shell into a functional office space for Luxgrove Homes. The design unfolds with an inviting entrance adorned with stunning feature marble, leading to directional offices, staff workspaces, a boardroom, and a well-appointed staff kitchen. The culmination of the design is a super cosy banquette area, offering a comfortable and collaborative setting. This transformation not only maximises functionality but also adds a touch of sophistication to the workspace, aligning seamlessly with Luxgrove Homes' professional ethos.

230213_Luxgrove Office_Main Area Back Specification Picture.jpg
230208_Luxgrove Office_Kitchen Design concept2.jpg
230426_Luxgrove_Entrance Feature Spec CGI_Blue sign.jpg
230213_Luxgrove Office_Main Area Zoom Specification Picture.jpg
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230202_Luxgrove Office_JoineryPackage1.jpg
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